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Six Popular Health & Wellness Trends in 2023: Should You Pass or Try? 

Over the years, various trends have emerged in the health and wellness space. With all the noise, it isn’t easy to decide which ones are worth trying and which will just put a hole in your wallet or may not be in line with your personal goals.

2023 is no different, with new trends emerging. I’ve examined the benefits and drawbacks of these trends (most I have already tried) and will give you my opinion on whether I would try or pass.

Whether you’re a seasoned wellness enthusiast or love learning about the latest fads in this vast space, read on to discover what is currently gaining popularity in health and wellness.

Sleep Tourism 

Since the start of the pandemic, Sleep tourism has been a trend that has been gaining popularity. You prioritize sleep stays throughout your travel, such as hotels offering luxury amenities, comfortable budding, and quiet resorts to ensure you get the rest you need on vacation. 

As someone who struggles to relax on a beach for more than an hour, this necessarily be my ideal vacation, but for someone who wants to come back refreshed and revived? I can undoubtedly see the appeal!

Am I staying in a nice hotel with good sheets, though? I’m on board!

Trend: Pass or Try?


Eye Yoga

You heard me correctly. Eye yoga is a form of physical therapy that involves simple eye movements and exercises to strengthen the muscles around the eyes, improve focus and coordination and reduce eye fatigue and strain. 

This is undoubtedly something I probably should try in theory, as I’ve been as blind as a bat since I was seven. However, as someone that has to commit to even stretching after a workout, my eyeballs likely won’t see yoga anytime soon. 

Trend: Pass or Try? 


Wellness Microdosing

No, no, I’m not referring to… a different type of micro-dosing that has been sweeping the country lately. 

This is a fancy term for introducing small changes to your habits so that you can build upon them. After all, you won’t see an impact from the changes you make today; it will be one month, six months, or even years. 

Instead, “wellness” micro-dosing introduces subtle changes to habits so that you stick with it instead of going cold turkey on everything you love. This mindset works best for me instead of jumping straight into extreme changes that only work short term.

Trend: Pass or try?


Nootropic Beverages

These new drinks that have hit the market in the last couple of years were created to improve cognitive function and overall brain health. The beverages have various ingredients ranging from amino acids & vitamins to herbs and caffeine. All to have a “positive” effect on the brain. 

Many people find that nootropic beverages can help them to feel more alert and focused. Some nootropic ingredients may also have long-term benefits for brain health, such as protecting against age-related cognitive decline.

I’ll be honest, I have only tried a few of these beverages and haven’t felt much, but if you want an alternative to coffee with more vitamins and minerals, this may be the route for you! 

Trend: Pass or Try?


Virtual Reality Workouts 

Exercise programs that leverage VR technology to create an interactive, immersive workout experience, all in the safety of your own home, have become increasingly popular. 

This could be an excellent option for people that don’t want to go to a gym/feel overwhelmed, and want to start moving. 

However, I would caution that there will be limited options, and I can’t speak about the intensity of the workouts. As someone who has several family members addicted to VR, I also worry that it could be another form of isolation instead of going out to try workout classes, walks, and hikes as a way to disconnect from technology. 

Trend: Try or pass?

Pass. Wii Sports was enough for me. 

Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Mushrooms

Lately, it seems like mushrooms are all the rage. You can have mushrooms in your coffee and drinks, promising health benefits ranging from increased concentration to becoming Superman. 

However, although there are many promised benefits, the reality is that there aren’t enough data/studies done yet to prove that it’s going to change lives. I’ve taken a few mushroom supplements here and there and just haven’t felt/noticed the benefits enough to outweigh the price point. 

Mike Matthew breaks down the data and science on his podcast around the booming mushroom supplement movement. I recommend listening and doing your due diligence to ensure you aren’t spending money on something just a fad. 

Trend: Try or pass? 

Pass for now until there is more substantial research.

While some health and wellness trends may offer real benefits, many are more hype than substance.

Ultimately, the key to achieving optimal health and wellness is finding a balanced approach that works for you, incorporating a variety of healthy habits that support your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Trends will come and go, and although there will always be fun and exciting new things to try, it’s essential to have a wellness baseline that includes the basics. Sleeping, a balanced diet, and regular body movement will do more wonders than any fad that appears on your phone feed offering the world.

Carrie Wynn



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