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Joe Jonas Has A Long-Term History Of Disrespecting Women

If you jump on any social media outlet, you will quickly see the news that is top of the celebrity gossip news.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Tucker are splitting, and the world is shocked as the seemingly happy couple welcomed several children into their lives and have only been married for a few years.

What is more shocking is the smear campaign that Joe began running with the publicity team that painted Sophie as an absent mother and him as the perfect father.

But why are we surprised by how Joe is reacting? Our society loves to paint a narrative around the working mother who should apparently only be devoted to her and her children alone.

However, the behavior is entirely on brand for the famous singer. After all, Joe has a track record of disrespecting the women he dated.

He broke up with Taylor Swift over a voice message.

Imagine experiencing one of your first loves, assuming everything is going great, and then you check your phone message and realize you are being dumped.

That happened to Taylor when Joe ended things with her with a 27-second voicemail, which she revealed on the Ellen Show over a decade ago. I’m sure that we can all agree that breakups typically deserve an in-person conversation, and that doesn’t mean over the phone is cowardly, to say the very least.

Years later, Taylor admitted that her call-out of Joe had been a bit much, but he never publicly apologized and painted a narrative that he had been the hurt party and was grateful when she apologized.

This is coming from the man who…

Candidly shared the story of how he lost his virginity without any regard for his ex’s feelings.

People magazine ran the following story saying that Joe had a funny story about the first time he was intimate with his long-term girlfriend at the time, Ashley Greene.

“I didn’t have any condoms,” Joe explained. “So I went to our drummer Jack’s room — who was my roommate at the time — and I demolished his room looking for them. [I] found them underneath his underwear drawer. When he came home, he thought somebody broke into his room because his whole room was demolished.”

Reading this doesn’t come across as funny. If I were in a long-term relationship with someone and they told the story of us losing our virginity to the world in such detail, I would respond with the same message that Ashley did.

Photo via Instagram

If you are wondering, Joe never apologized and said that life is too short, and he thinks of himself as an “honest guy.”

He blames Sophie Turner’s “party lifestyle” for their divorce and paints her as a bad mother.

First, Joe claimed that he had been with the children for the last couple of months while Sophie worked on filming the show “Joan.”

So, Joe is on tour for months/years and that’s fine but the moment his wife goes to work on her project, she’s a bad mother?

Well, Sophie’s side of the story has been brought to light and it appears that Joe was spinning a false narrative. Sophie confirmed she didn’t want to leave their home after giving birth to their second child due to struggling with post-partum depression, while Joe pressured her into attending several events. Oh, and the party that Sophie attended that Joe used as an example of her being an absent mother? She was pictured having one drink after wrapping up filming for Joan.

As stated by Raven Smith in Vogue, ‘Team Jonas is throwing a careless-mother narrative at proceedings and seeing if it sticks, sowing seeds of his wife being a less-than-gold-star parent. Nobody is saying out loud she’s subpar; it’s just heavily insinuated that her liking to go out clashes with his homebody status. It’s very read between the lines, please, she is not mothering at an acceptable standard.’

Once again, this is a prime example of misogyny and expectations for women who are mothers that are meant to paint a narrative that our desires are selfish and we are only told to serve others in our life.

Carrie Wynn



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