Four Ways To Remain Mindful When Life Feels Overwhelming

Four Ways To Remain Mindful When Life Feels Overwhelming

You can immediately apply these suggestions to your day

Mindfulness is often described as a mental state that is achieved by focusing and living in the present moment.

It is what we are practicing when we tap into our thoughts, feelings, and what our body is trying to say to us.

Throughout our lives there are going to be numerous circumstances that we will face that will be extremely challenging and it can be easy to feel like we are drowning in the chaos.

In a world full of noise, it becomes more and more difficult to find silence and solace, but there are little things you can do to remain mindful even in the direst of situations.

Take a break from your phone

Lately, I have been starting every morning with yoga and I have only used my phone as my alarm to get up an hour before I have to start getting ready for work.

I’m not browsing through Instagram in bed or jumping to the news to read the latest doom and gloom updates. Although it is important to stay informed, it is also important to protect our mental health.

You are going to inevitability spend time on your phone, especially since many of us are stuck indoors right now, however, that doesn’t mean that you need to let it consume the entire day.

Take breaks throughout the day. Put it in another room when you don’t need to use it and you will find that there is a little less noise.

Download a Meditation App

I am extremely blessed that my job provides a free Headspace subscription as it is normally $12.99 a month.

However, it is most certainly something I would invest in after using it myself. I have always struggled with quieting the racing thoughts in my mind but the app has truly helped. It has guided meditations, peaceful stories, and music to help you either wind down at the end of the day or to fall asleep.

I highly recommend checking it out to see if you like it as there are free introductory meditations that you can access at no cost.

There are plenty of free meditation apps as well such as Calm and Aura which have great meditations. Check them out to decide which one you like the best.

Be more aware of what you put in your body

When you’re stuck at home you may find yourself constantly staring at the fridge or mindlessly rummaging through the cabinets to find a snack.

I have seen a lot of people joking on social media about gaining weight throughout this experience.

Although it would be very easy to do, it is important to remember that comforting our emotions with food is only a temporary fix.

Instead of eating every snack that you see, try to tap into your body to identify when you are actually hungry or when you are actually just… bored.

Tap into your empathy

Now, more than ever, we need to be empathetic and kind towards our fellow humans and to the people that are in our lives.

Many of us are most likely dealing with the uncertainty in the world right now with our own coping mechanisms.

It’s important to remember that even though the people in your life may act like they are just fine… they are most likely struggling.

Practice truly listening when you are having a conversation.

Practice being kind and sympathetic to the people in your life.

Remember that we are all in this together and if there was any time that we needed to try to be our most empathetic… it is now.

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