In my back pocket, I have several meals in the rotation that I typically will make at least once a week. If you need some ideas or want to switch them up, these recipes/ideas keep it simple, are tasty, and will contribute to your healthy lifestyle & goals.

Here are five quick meals I will throw together that meet my criteria for being high in protein, well-rounded, and flavorful.


There is no “one-size-fits-all” regarding fitness. However, there are scientifically proven facts about the link between our mindsets and how it affects our progress and overall self-worth.

If I had learned this sooner, I would have avoided some mistakes early on and not had to spend the first half of my twenties healing over a decade of the diet culture mindset.


mind. Most people are self-serving, and not setting boundaries and methods of self-protection will make you a feeding ground for toxic individuals.

For most of my life, I let friends, partners, and family walk all over me. I was the “nice” girl, the “dependable” friend, who didn’t ask for anything in return and thought that providing love, trust, and reliability meant I would get it.