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My name is Carrie Wynn.

I have created this blog to be a safe space for honest dialogue around relationships, overcoming narcissistic abuse, cultivating boundaries, and working through past traumas.

If you are striving to work on self-awareness, learning how to navigate the relationships in your life, and creating strong boundaries then I am here to help.

If you need examples of the behaviors that you should not tolerate in a healthy relationship, I can help you.

If you are worried that you may be in a narcissistic or emotionally abusive relationship then you have found someone who will support you.

If you are looking for tips to cultivate a stronger relationship and to work through past traumas I can help you start working towards self-growth and self-love.

I spent the first part of my life with a complete belief that my worth could only come from someone else. I didn’t have boundaries, and I tolerated toxic behavior from both friends and relationships under the pretense of “love.”

It was when I began to work through through my past trauma that I identified why I had struggled with a lack of self love and worth. It took an almost detrimental relationship to “wake” me up and force me to realize that if I didn’t make changes my life would continue to look the same.

That was many years ago and I’m happy to let you know that as hard and painful as it can be to work through the things we don’t want to face, that it is worth it on the other side.

Please head over to my contact page to connect with me and I cannot wait to hear from you.


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